About Me

*Rolls out imaginary red carpet* Hi there! Welcome to Mind of a Dreamer, a place about fun things to do, travel guides, and tips to better your mind and body.

I started this blog because I often hear from other people who live in my state that “there’s nothing to do here”, “it’s so boring here”, etc. I wanted to be able to share with other people all the things that I discover, in case they feel the same way about where they live. Life is too short to sit around and complain. There are so many fun things to do out there that people don’t know about, and I don’t know about you, but I hate missing out on fun stuff, lol.

My goal is for every reader who stops by my blog, to leave with a new piece of information, whether it’s a new food place to try out, or a new activity to do, or even some new tips, I want you to discover something new that you’d like to try.

So, who is this Hannah chick? (If you don’t care, feel free to skip) Allow me to properly introduce myself: I am a full time college student from Prince George’s County in Maryland. I started this blog in July 2019, and I’ve never been so happy, I truly enjoy sharing new things with people, and it’s nice to have my own place where I can just talk. I’m a Disney and Harry Potter fanatic (I’m a Ravenclaw).

If you want to learn more about me, or you just want to talk, feel free to check out my Instagram or Twitter!